As a state founded by gold miners and cowboys, 由赌场大亨建造, and flocked to today by renegade artists and other modern freedom-seekers, “ordinary” has just never really been in the cards. 不要误解英国正版365中文官网的意思. We love our pristine scenery, world-class cuisine, and oh-so-many picture-perfect niceties. 但同时, whether it’s a haunted clown-themed motel or a “forest” of junk car canvases, there’s another way of looking at things that’s clear to born adventurers hungry for something a little 更多的 savory in their future campfire tales: 英国正版365中文官网的怪癖是英国正版365中文官网的特权. No matter if you’re deep down the 外星高速公路 rabbit hole or just beginning to scratch the surface of Fremont Street, you’re never too far from some 奇怪的内华达 landmarks 这真是太不寻常了. 


古怪的展品,奇怪的收藏 & 具有历史意义的地方






“好吧,谷歌. 带我看看我所在地区的幽灵博物馆.“在内华达州, 这实际上是可行的. 取 扎克·巴甘斯的《英国正版365中文官网》 在拉斯维加斯市中心, 30 rooms jam-packed with some seriously spooky artifacts—like an entire room full of cursed puppets—that are ru更多的d to be the world’s most haunted objects. 当然是弗吉尼亚城的 华秀俱乐部 & 闹鬼的博物馆 couldn’t be a 更多的 quintessential qualifier, either. As one of the most haunted 的地方 in the West, it’s a mecca to the world’s paranormal elite. 取 the tour to hear stories from the Millionaires Club, 报道的故事, 还有关于历史地下室的故事.

春天来了.I.P. Experience” and get chauffeured in a custom hearse to Tom Devlin的怪物博物馆 in Boulder City for a personal tour through his massive collection of screen-used props, 生物的西装, and custom pieces that helped make monster movie history. 还有更奇怪的吗?


回到20世纪50年代, Las Vegans used to take a long lunch—first to eat a sandwich, 然后看炸弹爆炸. 超现实主义的? 是的. 迷人的? 绝对. With 更多的 than 12,000 interactive displays, stories, and videos, the 国家原子能试验博物馆 educates visitors about 内华达州ada’s explosive Atomic Age history. Swing through Hawthorne—home to America’s largest artillery base—to zero in on the 军械博物馆 集束炸弹, 历史上的弹药, 老式的军装和泳裤, 还有一些现存的第一批无人机.

In the Wild West, where there were cattle, there was bound to be some cattle rustlin’. But few cow thieves were ever clever enough to make off with dozens of head for several months, 甚至连一个脚印都没有留下, 一个人,救一个人. 他的秘密? Plank shoes fitted with cow hooves, now on display at 埃尔’s 东北内华达博物馆


还有多少地方有官方的州 元素? In 内华达州ada it’s neon, and a trip to the Strip or Downtown 拉斯维加斯 will tell you why. 参观 霓虹灯博物馆 这里有令人难以置信的霓虹灯. 的 visitor’s center is situated in the historic La Concha Motel lobby that flashes visitors back in time with its mid-century, 原子时代氛围. Plan to spend at least an hour taking the tour and exploring the Boneyard.


If you’re the kind of person who understands that no trip is complete without someone saying “嗯, 这有点奇怪!一天几次,那么你就很幸运了.

歌舞女郎,歌舞女郎,歌舞女郎! Breaking down the importance of this 内华达州ada icon, one sequin at a time, this 内华达州立博物馆-拉斯维加斯 展品展现了美, 艺术, 当然还有夸张, in-your-face extravagance behind Vegas’ longest running Parisian cabaret-style shows. 



If you’re the kind of traveler who believes no trip is complete without someone saying, “嗯, 这有点奇怪……“你们是英国正版365中文官网的人. Crank up this appropriately oddball soundtrack, inspired by our site’s lineup of offbeat attractions, as you plan which # Weird内华达州ada wonders to visit in person.

古怪的,巨大的 & 外

“DIED EATING LIBRARY PASTE” is but one of the gut-busting epitaphs that reveal the untimely demises of this cemetery’s permanent residents at the 金田历史公墓. 现在是一座“活生生的鬼城”,” it was once one of 内华达州ada’s largest boomtowns, the growth of which forced this former downtown cemetery to be relocated (residents and all) by a crew called the “Official Ghouls” of the night. 

That cluster of 35-foot-tall DayGlo bouldered totems you’ve eyed down on the horizon, rising conspicuously from the surrounding desert landscape, is 七座魔山,宝贝. 这多色, cult-classic photo op is an exclusive art installation beckoning ‘Grammers off I-15 as they head for the Strip. 


公路旅行 牛仔走廊? Head for the delightfully offbeat roadside attraction called 雷声山——丰富多彩, imaginative folk-art array of sculptures and buildings constructed almost entirely from items found along the highway decades ago. 注意伊姆利出口, then follow your camera lens around this special addition to the 内华达州ada 状态 Register of Historic Places.

朗斯特里特酒店 is one of those 的地方 that can’t help but feel like you’re inside some 奇怪的 dream. 然后, 以真正梦幻般的方式, 在前面, screaming to be noticed is BIG BOVINE: an enormous, 两层楼高的奶牛雕像给人一种温暖, 奇怪的内华达 hello for all those travelers headed for the good stuff on our side of the California/内华达州ada border. 


While you’re here, be sure to inquire about the actual 3,000-lb. cow who inspired this very 奇怪的, very appropriate installation.

Just outside Beatty, perched within view of the ruins of historic Rhyolite, the 戈德威尔露天博物馆 把"鬼"放进"鬼镇.” Begun in the 1980s by Belgian artist Albert Szukalski, its signature photogenic plaster ghosts form a spectral tableau of Da Vinci’s “的 Last Supper,,以及其他几个装置, which continue to enchant thousands of international visitors to nearby Death Valley.

喷漆? 把它带到戈德菲尔德 最后一个教堂的国际汽车森林. 在这个非传统的雕塑花园里, 40 automobiles-cars, 卡车, 还有货车——竖着, 横跨裂缝, 或者在彼此之上保持微妙的平衡, inviting new paint jobs from visiting “churchgoers.” 


Packing List: Passport, EMF Detector, Tinfoil Hat

恐惧因素:内华达版. 就像听起来的那样 小丑汽车旅馆 in Tonopah boasts what’s got to be the largest private collection of clown figurines and memorabilia under the sun. If the creepy clown theme—which stretches beyond the lobby and into each room—isn’t enough to spook you, the added bonus of some resident ghosts slinking over nightly from the cemetery next door might just be the ticket. 即使你不在这里过夜, 请到大厅来, 被小丑淹没, and snap up some truly unique souvenirs from the mini gift shop in the corner. Oh, and before we forget: free clown noses, anyone?

man in front of mural at extraterrestrial highway experience

Pahrump is home to a charming little family-run coffin shop. 不,不是打字错误. 再读一遍. 位于 死亡谷集会这是一对充满活力的夫妻 Coffinwood这是一家极具魅力的棺材主题企业. 最初被赶进了老派, six-point coffin making business to fight the predatory funeral industry, this dynamic duo now offers tours of their macabre, 定做的, 棺材形状的东西, 包括他们的工作室, 灵车集合, 以及“棺材教堂”婚礼小教堂. 


After savoring samples of Carolina Reaper, Cowboy, and other jerky specialty flavors at Alamo’s E.T. 新鲜的牛肉干, 细读一些俗气的古玩, pose with life-size local out-of-towners in funky murals, and be sure to “drop your toxic waste in the cleanest restrooms in Area 51.” After you’ve snagged a selfie with the alien murals, head for the 外星人研究中心你不会错过的. Gleaming in the desert sun like an actual spaceship, this silver Quonset hut and its two-story silver alien security guard serve up the latest alien apparel, 帽子, 甚至更多.


的re’s an entire independent micronation in 内华达州ada that we bet you’ve never even heard of. 的 摩尔多瓦共和国, 离代顿不远, 充满了疯狂的怪癖, 就像一个官方海关站, 国家乐器, 甚至还有自己的邮政服务. 带上你的护照去盖章, but be sure to leave your incandescent lightbulbs, 鲶鱼, and onions at home—those micro-nationally contraband items will be strictly confiscated at customs.


不要害怕,同路人! 这仅仅是个开始. 如果你还想看更惊悚的, 奇怪的, 只是简单的体验, there’s plenty 更多的 奇怪的内华达 where that came from. 

As freedom-seekers, “ordinary” was just never really in the cards. We certainly adore our state’s many picture-perfect niceties; but, 同时, whether it’s a clown-themed motel or a “forest” of junk car canvases, there’s another way of looking at things that is clear to us: 英国正版365中文官网的怪癖就是英国正版365中文官网的特权. In 内华达州ada, you’re never too far from something satisfyingly unusual. 

# Weird内华达州ada

涉水进入奇怪的内华达州,挖掘它? 你有个好伙伴. 标签#旅行内华达,这样英国正版365中文官网就能窥探你的动态. If we love your photo, you may find it featured here.

Keep it 奇怪的, 内华达州ada / Nelson Ghost Town might be a
Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.

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一只10英尺高的北极熊标本, 被称为白王, 商业赌场的赌客们都笼罩在阴霾之中, which originally opened in 1869 as the Humboldt 住宿 House in downtown 埃尔, 内华达州. 
白王, who arrived at the casino in 1958 after being killed by Eskimos in Alaska, 在《猎人S》中短暂出现. 汤普森1992年的文章
❤️Someone told me there's a cow in this photo! 在哪里?!🤤
Stay tuned for some live streaming later today! 给我的手机换了个新的自行车座! Can't wait to try it and show you my neighborhood!
Gives a whole new meaning to the term “Ghost ride”. 其他人以前都是这么做的? Those were the days, when the biggest worry was “how many bike ramps are we going to build today?😂#富士胶片#xt2
Desert “art” - not counting the entire strip itself, 有七座魔山, 国际汽车森林, the 戈德威尔露天博物馆 (where homeboy here lives), DTLV的艺术区.... 英国正版365中文官网都有了🤘🏼
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在向西前往托诺帕之前, we took a quick detour east to the isolated volcanic region where you can find Lunar Crater.
It's one of six National Natural Landmarks throughout 内华达州ada. ⠀
的 geological name for this shallow and broad crater is a
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